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Of Convenience: Chapter Twelve
Always shall be
Title: Of Convenience
Chapter: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: R (...ish?)
Summary: Kirk needs to get married for political reasons.  Spock offers himself as the logical choice.  Written for the st_xi_kink meme.  Enjoy!


The last huzzah! And I fail to deliver anything worthy of mention.Collapse )


wow wow wow... so lovely :) the tension that you pulled, the emotion between the pair... I'm not making much sense am I? It is awesomely brilliant!! :p

Looking forward to the updates...

This story was wonderful to read, from Komack's asshattery to the development of a deep, meaningful relationship between Jim and Spock. I was shocked when they lost their child (and kind of tearful), and I'm glad you demonstrated the grief and loss that accompanies it. Awesome, awesome story.

:D I really enjoyed this. I normally avoid stories this long like the plague, because I get impatient and a lot of longer fics are cliched, but I really liked this. Your writing style is very involving. The quiet neediness running through all of it felt very fitting.

The last chapter made me especially happy, since flower-eating!Spock is one of my favorite things. It gave me an image of him eating flower petals like chips out of a bag. <3

Anyways, good job. You are quite a victorious writer.

i spent the whole day read this from beginning to end and i must say that i totally love this!! Spock and Kirk are so cute and sweet in this!!! i hope you write more Spock and Kirk fics. :D

reading this was a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon. it was all sorts of great from beginning to end. all of the intense, worrying bits were evenly matched with the bits that still have me grinning.

*giggle* and Spock munching on flower petals is just too amusing for words!

Great, wonderful story! I can see them starting a life together in this fic, you wrote it so well!

Thanks for posting

Okay, my favorite line was 'It was, however, quite high on the list, with the older woman almost ordering him to tie the ribbon this way or that way, and reprimanding him for chewing on a stray petal.

“I don’t care if they are edible! You will not eat the decorations!” she exclaimed, brushing the fragrant flower bits away from him as though she expected him to consume them all in one fell sweep. “Call it impractical all you want. For now, they’re decorations. You can eat them later.”'

And pretty much everything after it! Great job, I really loved this story, and the plot, and everything that happened. And I love the MPreg, always have. And you. I think I love you. I'm off to find your other fics even though I should be sleeping. Great job!

This is fantastic! I love the slow dvelopment to their relationship, andguh it was all so romantic *flails*




And you know why? The thoughtful, fun details (buzz from milk! tasty flower petals!) the tying together of so many threads, the emotional exploration, the warmth and humor.


I usually avoid mpreg fics because they typically portray the pregnant individual in a very feminine way. I was worried when you added that twist to the story but was glad to see that as it went on you stayed true to Spock's character and didn't make him something he wasn't. Very well written. Thanks for a great read.

I'm going to second that. I don't often like (and therefore rarely read) mpreg fics, but this was wonderfully done! :)

I think this may actually be the first mpreg fic I've ever read. And I enjoyed it.

So. Thoroughly. Enjoyed it.

Kudos to you!

oh, holy wow, this was amazing. So many emotions, so much love...so much awesomeness. Will most definitely have to read again.

I feel just like Spock - my hearts beating in my stomach. *bg*

Wouldn't mind in the least if you felt like continuing this...

gorgeous fic. thanks for sharing.

Reading this was a better idea than studying for my midterm. lol.