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Of Convenience: Chapter Twelve
Always shall be
Title: Of Convenience
Chapter: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: R (...ish?)
Summary: Kirk needs to get married for political reasons.  Spock offers himself as the logical choice.  Written for the st_xi_kink meme.  Enjoy!


The last huzzah! And I fail to deliver anything worthy of mention.Collapse )


at the start of this chapter i thought:
the first vulcan wedding jim sees is his own, the second earth wedding spock attends is his own, how symetric would it be if their third pregnancy was triplets? going to live in hopes.

Lovely :) A bit hard to find though, as your fic archive is a year and a half in the past and I couldn't spot a direct link there. But I did find it eventually, and I'm glad I did :)

Ok, so. I'm new to the fandom and I've been reading fics of star trek and kirk and spock for the past weeks. And I just have to tell you that this is by fucking far the best fic I've read! Hsjskavgacabahavaxhajskssvjaka my fucking feeeeeeeels! This is just perfection and I loved EVERY SINGLE sentence of it. This is one of those fics you just can't stop reading, and even If you do because you have to go to sleep of something like that, you can't because it's still in your mind and you're still wondering what Its gonna happen!
I love this so so so so much! Thank you for writing it and for just being so awesome!
I just hope you would continue this, but well, that's up to you. :)

Gorgeous, heartbreaking, heartwarming, gorgeous and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing :)

Hi, I am not sure if you are still checking the comments here. I read this when I was travelling and couldn't help myself cutting my tour time to finish this. I absolutely liked it and I hope you would allow me to translate it into Chinese and post it on a Chinese forum.
thanks for writing this lovely fiction.

I do still check this - just not often! Work keeps me too busy nowadays.

And I'd be very happy if you wanted to translate it into Chinese. I know it's a big undertaking, so I'm very flattered. Please feel free to do so. Just link me to it when you're done!

Thanks for the note! I loved seeing this!

This is such a wonderful chapter.